EPHEMERID playing cards updates - January 9th

First of all, I wish you a wonderful year 2019, hope it brings a little dream in your reality and a lot of reality in your dreams!

The last few weeks have been very intense, and the production of the games and goodies is still in progress. Here are some obstacles that I had not planned!

Despite the verification of the print file, there was an error on the standard game box! Indeed, I posted a line during the creation and it remained on the final file! Of course we saw it after printing all the boxes! So we had to reprint all, I could not let them like this!



The cards are printed and again, when printing the deluxe edition with pantone gold color, the back was not great. I had to adapt the design and redo tests before having a version I like!


More pictures !!



The deluxe boxes are printed, and despite some adjustment in the embossing, I am really delighted with the result and I can not wait for you to have them in hands.

The wood boxes are engraves and wait for the cards to arrive.

The most complicated was the smallest! The wooden coin! After several engraving tests I had to redesign it several times to obtain a good result. But I had to use the expertise of my two partners to get well rounded and well engraved coins! Obviously, both being 300km away, it took longer than expected!

The cards are now being finalized and checked. They will then be sent to me and I could start sending them. But I will not make the same mistake and announce delays too short! I think I can start sending in early February. 

Thanks again to all your messages, positive or negative, that show your involvement in the creative process.



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